Moving to a new place brings up a lot of challenges but nothing is more challenging than moving a piano. If you’re thinking of transporting this large instrument yourself, keep in mind that it is a difficult process that should be done by professionals. Our Friendly Moves crew will take care of everything and we guarantee that your piano will be safely transported.

Depending on the model, most pianos weigh from 50 to 500 kg. While it is a very heavy instrument, it is also quite sensitive and it can be easily damaged. However, our experienced crew at Friendly Moves will see to the entire process and make sure your piano is safe and sound.

Why are pianos so challenging to transport?

In order to safely transport a piano, you need the proper equipment, strength and imagination. Every step is risky because the safety of the instrument depends on the materials used for transportation. It is vital to know how to pick up a piano without damaging the strings and keys, all the while planning the entire route from the property where it is standing, to the van in which it will be transported. The van used for transportation needs to be carefully prepared, while the piano should be strapped securely in place.

Why should you pick Friendly Moves to be your professional piano mover?

Our company is available for all your moving needs 24/7. You can contact us at any hour and we will provide you with the necessary information. Furthermore, Friendly Moves offers professional movers and equipment needed for transporting pianos and what’s most important – Friendly Moves enjoys many years of experience in the transportation of pianos and other musical instruments. We have the necessary equipment and the wisdom needed to plan the entire process, so that you don’t have to.